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Buenos Aires, Argentina

Northwest also supports Jonathan Hanegan’s work in Argentina.  Jonathan grew up at Northwest and went to Hyland Christian School before attending Oklahoma Christian University.  He was a missionary in Venezuela for five years before moving to his current mission field of Buenos Aires, Argentina.


Argentina is South America’s second largest country behind Brazil.  It is one of the most influential cultural and political centers in all of Latin America.  Jonathan’s home base is the Caballito church of Christ in downtown Buenos Aires.  The city is home to approximately 15 million people.


“I will be focusing my efforts on local evangelism in Buenos Aires as well as training others for the work of evangelism.  In addition to serving the church in Buenos Aires, I hope to also encourage and strengthen other congregations in Argentina through visits, teaching and evangelistic campaigns.  There are a number of congregations throughout Argentina with approximately ten to twenty members.  I hope not only to encourage them but to equip them to reach out to their communities and continue the ministry of Christ where they live.”

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