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Yucatan - Part 3


One of the first Jimmy Gospelseed opportunities I had in Yucatan occurred at an outdoor cafe. I sat with the three preacher brothers enjoying our conversation and coca-colas. About then a bus pulled up across the street. Then I saw it, a woman stepped off the bus with what looked like a heavy package on her back. It wasn’t. It was a young man who had severe disabilities and obviously had to be carried everywhere. I asked the preachers if they knew who they were. They said the mother always comes to this bus stop on certain days and then carries her son to a corner where they beg. Then she carries him back to the bus stop for a long ride back to a small Mayan village outside of Tizimin. 

I was deeply touched by their plight and began to cry. I had seen the benevolent attitude of the Christians of Tizimin towards each other, but I felt that they also needed to care about outsiders as well. Jesus taught His followers, “... do good to ALL people especially to those who belong to the family of believers” ( Gal 6:10).

 I asked the brothers that if Northwest bought the family a wheelchair, would they deliver it to the mother and son? They assured me they would. A short time afterward the chair was given to them. I have always wished I could have seen the relief, thankfulness and joy they expressed. I was so happy that the kind and generous brethren of Northwest were touched as much as I was. I learned that day that such acts are the watering of the gospel seed and would result in goodwill for Christ’s church ( 2 Thes 4:12). 

-Jim Bailey

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