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Newsletter from Buenos Aires

The Redeemer Church of Christ is a Christian community that seeks to proclaim the Good News of the Kingdom of God in Buenos Aires through the teaching of the Word, communal life and participation in the mission of God. 


Friends and family, it has been a while since my last newsletter so I am going to try and condense the last few months into one! Basically, I want to let you know that God has been good and faithful and He is doing great things in and through our church and all around us as well.






Redeemer Church of Christ

Our church is doing well! We have grown since the pandemic, both numerically and spiritually. We were blessed to have our first retreat since March 2021. We are averaging 40-45 people on Sunday mornings. Our women’s ministry has grown incredibly and it is encouraging to see the women study the Word and serve together.


This year we have had 7 baptisms, 3 weddings and we’re expecting a baby to arrive next year!


God continues to add to our number. Please pray that God would help us not only to proclaim the Gospel but to become faithful disciples of Jesus Christ.


Also, please keep us in your prayers because of the political and economic situation here in Argentina. These are difficult times. Thank you!



















Along with two friends of mine, we began a new project, the Digital School of Theology. It is an online school for anyone who is interested in studying the Bible, theology, church history and Christian spirituality.


This year we began by teaching a course on the Hebrew Bible. We have 82 students registered and there is more interest in the school every day. Please pray for our efforts to make known the God who reveals Himself in Scripture.

I often receive invitations to speak in different places and to different groups. So far this year I have spoken to a youth group in Córdoba, a weekend-long seminar for a church in Villa María, and a 3 day seminar for the churches of Christ in Bolivia.


I also spoke at the ACU Lectureship called Summit in Spanish through Zoom.






























An important part of my work revolves around spiritual direction which is hospitality, inviting people to be aware of God’s presence in their lives in the midst of their joys, troubles or sorrows. I have the privilege of walking alongside many people, both young and old. Sometimes this involves Bible study, sometimes it’s time for prayer and reflection and sometimes it just means offering a listening ear. My good friend Mauro (pictured above), after years of walking together recently became a Christian. Not only do I teach and share my faith but I am encouraged by these friends as they share how God is working in their lives.
















Just recently we were blessed with the visits of two lovely couples:


Doug & Karen Wagner from the Northside Church of Christ in Wichita, KS spent ten days encouraging our church and newly formed mission team here in Buenos Aires. Doug gave two lessons to the church and Karen taught a special class for the women.


Fernando (Butch) & Patricia Sandoval have visited our church almost every year since it was first founded in 2011. They also mentored our newly formed team. Fernando taught two lessons to our church as well.


Thank you!

Thank you so much for your prayers and support of the work here in Buenos Aires! God has added to our church and to our missionary team. We will tell you more about that in the coming newsletter!

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I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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