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When was the last time you were truly astounded, which is speechless, overwhelmed, and shocked with wonder or surprise?  Then you were also amazed, astonished and dumbfounded.  It is nearly impossible to be astounded by any technological innovation today.  However, the treatment of humans against their fellowmen can probably still cause it.  I doubt God could really be astonished with the cruelty and wickedness of mankind.  But He, “…was grieved that He had made man on the earth…” and, “His heart was filled with pain,” and He said, “…I will wipe mankind from the face of the earth…” (Gen 6:6-7). 

What if we were able to return in bodily form to Bible times?  In spite of being prescient, (able to have knowledge of things before they happen or exist), wouldn’t we still be astounded when they actually occurred right before our eyes?  Since we have never seen anyone control nature in an instant, (calming the storm (Lk 8:10), withering a fig tree (Mt 21:19), turning water into wine (Jo 2:6-10), healing a severed ear (Jo 18:10) (Lk 22:51), and so many other miracles, could we be anything but astounded?

Even when we knew Jesus Christ created the earth and nature (Col 1:16-17), we would surely fall down and worship, shocked by wonder and amazement!  How is it then that His Apostles were so clueless, indifferent and even blasé at times?  Even after having seen such miracles, they still bickered (Mt 18:1)  (Mt 20:20), forgot (Mt 16:9), and deserted Jesus in His darkest hour (Mk 14:50).

Before we judge them too harshly, we must remember that we probably never have shed any blood in the cause of Christ.  If we were there in the Garden, even with our prescience, facing real swords and evil men with murderous intent, we might well have fled also.  We too have seen God’s many answers to prayer and rescue from physical and financial peril.  Are we still astounded at such love and protection after the threat has passed?           

-Jim Bailey

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