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Perhaps the first thoughts that came to mind when you saw this word were drivers or baseball hitters.  It might also apply to various other areas such as the agents chosen by a company CEO.  Any able-bodied designated person who neglects their responsibilities is considered selfish, untrustworthy and unreliable.  In the case of drivers or hitters, these folks perform functions that might keep others from danger or a pitcher from embarrassment.  Of the many definitions in the dictionary, nominated, assigned, appointed and selected will best fit our article.

In the Lord’s church there are various designated individ-uals.  At Northwest your designated three elders take turns each month making announcements, assignments, praying for the sick, setting dates of activities, going to meetings and a host of other duties.  Your designated deacons take care of the physical needs of the congregation but also make home and hospital visits and make sure the building and grounds are well-tended.  . 

Less visible yet nonetheless of huge importance is our church secretary.  She is often the first responder to accidents, prayer requests and hospitalizations.  Besides keeping records and attendance, she keeps the elders, deacons and preachers aware of new developments.  She makes dozens of calls each month and deals with vendors and outsiders.

How about members who seem to have no designated job but do so much in the Lord’s kingdom?  All of the above people should not wait to be asked to do a specific job, rather be proactive in searching out the hurts and needs of other Christians and outsiders.  At any time any member should be ready and able to fulfill a designated role as:  Priest (1 Pe 2:5,9), Ambassador (2 Cor 5:20), and Servant (Mt 20:26) (Gal 5:13) (1 Pe 4:10).  It is so crucial for an active church to have many eyes on the progress and health of every member. This congregation is indeed blessed to have members who don’t wait to be designated for a task, but give, pray, study and visit as the need arises.  That is better than designating.

Jim Bailey

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