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This is it, the last day of 2023. In 2020 the last day was surely remembered as the year of the pandemic when optimists cheered its demise, and pessimists probably said that 2021 would be even worse. It is true that one takes himself with him wherever he goes. However, attitudes can change with time and education. There were many deaths and sorrows and also many heroes during 2020. No one can truly predict the future, but it is an inevitable event waiting for humanity to write on its blank pages.

Someone once said, “No one knows what the future holds, but we know who holds the future.”  Only the Godhead can foretell future events and those promises and warnings have always proven true. Collectively and individually God knows our future as well as the number of hairs of each head (Mt 10:30). He knew us before we were born but gave us a free will to determine our own future (Jer 1:5). Many chose to move far away from His design for mankind (Rom 1:18-21). Some, however, chose His plan of salvation (2 Sam 22:3) (Ps 18:2) (Acts 2:38). For them He describes a bright future (Ps 20:4); (Jer 29: 11-13).

In His sermon on the Mount Jesus teaches how His disciples should view the future (Mt 6:25-34). His message is that we don’t have to worry constantly about our future because the Father knows our needs and will provide them for us. In no way did He nullify planning and preparation for future events. The parable of the ten virgins (Mt 25:1), and the parable of the talents (vv. 14-30) and many other scriptures make this very plain. The apostle Paul applies the same principal to one’s giving (2 Cor 9: 5-8) and says that God will supply all one’s needs. He expresses future planning forcefully when referring to providing for one’s relatives and especially one’s immediate family (1 Tim 5:8).

Whatever circumstances may come in 2024 and beyond, Christians can confidently stand firm with Paul in learning to be content (Php 4: 11-13). As He taught the Corinthians, all things are ours including the future because we are of Christ and the Father (1 Cor 3:21-23).

Jim Bailey

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