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As I watched the finals of the National Spelling Contest I was totally amazed at the skills of those 12 year olds.  Almost every word was unknown to the average person in the general population.  It was very apparent that they had studied long and hard and that they must have had a near photographic memory.

For the rest of us, memorizing songs, passwords and scriptures involves habitual repetition.  It helps if the memorization has something familiar with which to relate.  Currently I’m struggling with a 17 word Bible verse but because I know so little Greek, it is a formidable task.  Perhaps advanced age needs a warning label.  Caution!  Loss of brain cells is closer than it appears in the mirror.

Some people are said to have complete chapters of the Bible memorized.  This is laudable and very impressive, but probably not enough to teach others the essence of salvation.  Normal Christians with normal memories can teach seekers with patience, concern, a Bible and a good concordance.  Maybe the best and shortest sermon one could preach is the same one often seen along the highways—Jesus Saves!

A good memory is a great blessing, but not better than one who truly loves lost souls.  Many other methods have been effective over the years in bringing people to Christ.  Many searchers   have obeyed the gospel through correspondence courses, filmstrips and one-on-one Bible studies.  As one ages and the memory fades, it is important to remember that our day-to-day loving example still works wonders.

-Jim Bailey

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